Current Research in Microbiology

Profiling and Curing from Shigella Spp Isolated from Plasmid Diarrheal Patients

Munim R. Ali, Raad N. Hasan, Ali I. Mohammed and Ahmaed A. Abbas

DOI : 10.3844/ajmsp.2010.1.8

Current Research in Microbiology

Volume 1, Issue 1

Pages 1-8


Problem statement: Shigellosis is a common infectious disease especially in underdeveloped countries. The bacteria are primarily transmitted through the faecal-oral route. The inflammatory process of acute Shigella infection affects the colon and is characterized clinically by fever, cramping abdominal pain with frequent loose stools that might contain mucus, pus and blood. Approach: This study determined the susceptibility of Shigella isolates to antibiotics. Afterward, plasmid isolation from pathogenic Shigella will carried out to achieved information concerning to the presence of plasmid DNA in Shigella isolates. Plasmid curing will be done to seek correlation between resistance to antibiotics and plasmid occurrence in Shigella. Results: We found that the incidence of diarrhea in male is almost similar to female. The distribution of Shigella spp., in male more than in female represented 54.54 and 45.46% respectively. Conclusion: Approximately 89.5% of the diarrhea cases had no bacterial pathogen, suggested of probability of viral infection.


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