American Journal of Immunology

Use of an Extremely Biodiverse Probiotic and a Supplement Based on Microbial Chondroitin Sulfate is Associated with a Significant Decrease of Serum Free Kappa Light Chains as well as a Trend Toward Normalization of Kappa/Lambda Ratio and of Plasma Cell Bone Marrow Infiltration in a Case of Multiple Myeloma

Nicola Antonucci, Stefania Pacini and Marco Ruggiero

DOI : 10.3844/ajisp.2019.5.9

American Journal of Immunology

Volume 15, 2019

Pages 5-9


We describe the case of a 71-year-old woman with multiple myeloma associated with severe chronic renal insufficiency who, since October 2018, assumed a novel, extremely biodiverse, probiotic and a supplement based on microbial chondroitin sulfate, vitamin D3 and ultrapure phosphatidylcholine; such a nutritional regimen was associated with a dramatic decrease of serum free Kappa light chains (from 2,190 to a minimum of 119.40 mg/L) as well as a trend toward normalization of Kappa/Lambda ratio (from 187 to a minimum of 3.16) and of plasma cell bone marrow infiltration (from 20 to 5%).


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