American Journal of Immunology

Could the Hybrid form of Lecturing and Active Learning be used as a Curricular Tool for Medical Education of Immunology in Algeria?

Kheir Eddine Kerboua and Kamal Djenouhat

DOI : 10.3844/ajisp.2019.36.39

American Journal of Immunology

Volume 15, 2019

Pages 36-39


Lecturing has been the predominant mode of instruction since universities were founded in Western Europe over 900 y ago and still the sole method of instruction in the developing countries. However, claiming that adopting a specific new method will have reproducible results regardless the population’s characteristics is simply not possible. In this study, we sought to demonstrate that hybrid form of lecturing and active learning could be used as a curricular tool for medical education, specifically for immunology, to enhance learning performance and promote development of test-taking and metacognitive skills among students from the faculty of medicine of Oran, West Algeria. One hundred fifty four 2nd year dental medicine students were analyzed for several parameters to assess classical and active learning methods. The median comparison showed a marked improvement of exam scores in groups taken Brainstorming (BS) and Problems-Based-Learning (PBLs) (p<0.00). BS was associated with the control of immunology learning (p = 0.044), students active participation (p = 0.023), practical knowledge (p = 0.011) and knowledge organization of the (p = 0.045). Herein, we confirm that the active learning is widely accepted by Algerian medical student as complementary tool to the lecturing. We propose that hybrid formula of these two approaches is needed to work cooperatively to solve problems and develop solutions.


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