American Journal of Immunology

Immunologic Response to Hepatitis B Vaccine in Health Care Workers: A Screening Program and Evaluation of Some Host-Related Factors Role

Mojtaba Varshochi and Roghayyeh Mahmodian

DOI : 10.3844/ajisp.2011.12.16

American Journal of Immunology

Volume 7, Issue 1

Pages 12-16


Problem statement: To evaluation the immunologic response to hepatitis B vaccine in health care’s workers and effects of host-related factors? Approach: In a cross sectional descriptive analytic study carried out on the medical staff of Tabriz Shahid Madani Hospital in 2009-2010, we evaluated the immunologic response of the staff to vaccination against Hepatitis B and factors affecting it. Results: The mean antibody titer in the studied medical staff was 366.76±169.714 IU L-1. 2.05% were in “no response” group, 1.46% in “Low response” group and 96.49% in “Good response” group. Conclusion: Immunological response in the smoking staff was significantly less (p < 0.001) but no significant difference was observed in the response between genders (p = 0.127) and no case of hyperlipidemia was reported. There was a significant reverse linear relation between age and antibody titer in the studied staff (p = 0.003, R = 0.162) but no significant linear relation was observed between weight, height and BMI and antibody titer.


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