American Journal of Infectious Diseases

An Unusual Case of Acute Abdomen: Intestinal Ascariasis: Case Report and Literature Review

Ashaur Azhar and Rebecca Ann Lillis

DOI : 10.3844/ajidsp.2019.99.102

American Journal of Infectious Diseases

Volume 15, Issue 4

Pages 99-102


Ascariasis is uncommon in United States of America but can be seen in immigrants and travelers. It can present with intestinal complications. We present a case of acute suppurative appendicitis with bowel perforation. Interestingly and unexpected, worms were palpated in the intestine in the operating room. Later, an adult Ascaris worm was identified in nasogastric tube canister. During hospitalization, a contrast-based computed tomographic scan revealed impressive finding of contrast filling defects in stomach and small intestine of the patient indicating the adult worms. The patient was treated with Ivermectin.


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