American Journal of Infectious Diseases

A Study on Infections Caused By Metallo Beta Lactamase Producing Gram Negative Bacteria in Intensive Care Unit Patients

Debasrita Chakraborty, Saikat Basu and Satadal Das

DOI : 10.3844/ajidsp.2010.34.39

American Journal of Infectious Diseases

Volume 6, Issue 2

Pages 34-39


Problem statement: Metallo Beta Lactamse (MBL) producing bacteria is gradually increasing throughout the globe. There is no report of MBL producing bacteria from the city of Kolkata so far although it is a very big metropolice city in India. Thus this study was aimed to investigate the impact of this highly virulent group of bacteria in this city. Approach: In this experiment we studied the prevalence, following standard methods of isolation and identification techniques of these bacteria from clinical materials and also studied some characteristics and clinical data in relation to MBL producing bacterial infections in this locality. Results: It was seen that a high prevalence of MBL producing bacteria was present in this city and there were many differences between MBL producing bacterial infection in comparison to the MBL non producing bacterial infection, particularly in relation to age distribution, sex predominance, mortality rate, hematological changes, nature of primary diseases in which infection occurred. There were also some electron microscopic morphological alterations in MBL positive bacterial isolates. Conclusion: This study confirmed significant occurrence of MBL producing bacterial infections in Kolkata showing distinct clinic microbial changes in this type of infection.


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