American Journal of Infectious Diseases

Post Traumatic Meningitis in Neurosurgery Department

Reza Malekpour-Afshar, Saeed Karamoozian and Hassan Shafei

DOI : 10.3844/ajidsp.2009.21.25

American Journal of Infectious Diseases

Volume 5, Issue 1

Pages 21-25


Problem statement: Post-Traumatic Meningitis (PTM) is a serious complication followed trauma. It sounds to have different pattern and characteristics. The aim of the current study was to determine the characteristics and outcome of PTM in referral neurosurgery department in Iran. Approach: During 5 years period-2003-2008, all records from meningitis patients in neurosurgery department in the unique referral trauma center in Kerman, Iran were evaluated by researchers, retrospectively. The PTM cases were selected and their data registered in the data collection form. The outcome of the disease as live or death considered, too. Analysis was conducted based on outcome and multivariable ANOVA was done to determine factor associated with death in PTM cases. Results: The incidence of PTM in head trauma patients estimated 3.1% (95% CI = 2.5-3.9%). The most frequent cases were male 89.7%. Average of age was 28.4±17.2 years. Klebsiella was the most common organism in CSF culture. Hospital staying time average in these patients was 25.7±15.8 days. Surgery was done for 52 (66.6%) cases. The fatality rate was 24.4%, (95% CI = 15.4-35.4). All death had undergone operation. Multivariable ANAOVA declared that blood sugar and CSF protein differed statistically between two groups, died and survived. Conclusion: PTM is an important phenomenon that has great mortality. Certainly, it needs antibiotic prophylaxis and immediate intervention and preventive services to reduce its morbidity and mortality rate.


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