American Journal of Infectious Diseases

A Contemporary Analysis of Sexual Trends and Transmitted Infections Among Outpatient at Two Public Hospitals in Jamaica

Tazhmoye Crawford, Michael T. Gardner and Donovan A. McGrowder

DOI : 10.3844/ajidsp.2008.109.116

American Journal of Infectious Diseases

Volume 4, Issue 2

Pages 109-116


Research aimed at investigating sexual behavior and assessing intervention to improve sexual and reproductive health among young adults in Jamaica has increased in recent decades. This study was carried out to assess both positive and negative sexual outcomes e.g. sexual activity and sexual satisfaction related to sexual behavior such as multiple partners and the use or non-use of condoms among young adults. As part of the Reproductive Health Survey, data on the socio-demographic characteristics, sexual activity and behavior were assessed using a 56-item questionnaire on 213 randomly selected young adults from the 14 parishes in Jamaica attending two major public hospitals. The majority of the respondents had their first sexual experience when they were 15-18 years old. Among the men, the majority achieved full sexual satisfaction (100.0%) and had sex daily (49.6%). The majority of women were unable to achieve full sexual satisfaction (69.3%, χ2 =138.85, p< 0.05) yet had sexual intercourse more than once per week (76.1%, χ2 = 58.05, p< 0.05). The majority of respondents had 2-3 sexual partners (51.2%), used condoms (56.7%) and ranked highest among those with sexually transmitted infections (85.9%). Comprehensive behavioural interventions should target these young adults who are engaged in high sexual risk behaviors.


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