Current Research in Geoscience

Using Robust Statistics, Exploring Document Analysis and Gis for Defining and Localizing Geochemical Anomalies-Case Study in Sin Quyen Copper Mine, Lao Cai Province, Viet Nam

Quoc Lap Kieu and Huu Tap Van

DOI : 10.3844/ajgsp.2017.25.31

Current Research in Geoscience

Volume 7, Issue 2

Pages 25-31


Application of robust statistic and Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) as well as the support of Geography Information System (GIS) for defining and assessing geochemical anomalies. The research was conducted in Sin Quyen copper mine, Lao Cai province, Viet Nam with 1,284 combination of aquatic sedimentary geochemical sample in scale of 1/200,000. The area of 5,717.8 km2 was chosen to make samples for defining and localizing geochemical anomalies of copper element. This method that was used for preventing interference is simple and not requires a document to have to follow any distribution law. It was compared to classical statistic method to assess advantages and disadvantages. Results from the research were suitable in the fact that areas of geochemical anomalies which were defined by robust statistics and EDA (487.9 km2) were higher than by classical method ((251 and 272 km2) and equivalent to discovered mine in the region.


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