American Journal of Environmental Sciences

"Green Economy" as the Country's Development Strategy with a High Share of the Commodity Sector in the Context of Globalization

Askarova Maulken, Medeu Alikhan and Medeu Akhmetkal

DOI : 10.3844/ajessp.2017.172.181

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 13, Issue 2

Pages 172-181


The "Green economy" is a economy, aimed at preserving a well-being of society through the effective use of natural resources and ensuring return of end-use products in the production cycle. First of all, the "green" economy focused on economic use of the resources that are currently subject to depletion (natural resources-oil, gas) and the rational use of inexhaustible resources. The "Green economy" is one of the important tools for ensuring sustainable development of the country. Development of the "green economy" will allow Kazakhstan to avoid the ecological crisis, which has affected many post-industrial countries. The major objective of this study is to determine the readiness of the country to a path of the "green growth" reform, based on the principles of the sustainable development. In order to determine the country's place in the world, the methods of multivariate statistical analysis applied to establish criteria in relation to global indicators. As a result, on the basis of this criteria the share of investment for certain developed and developing countries was calculated, which should be directed to the economy transformation. According to our calculations, the countries with a high share of mining sector require a radical restructuring of the economy. Thus, developed countries and countries with high human development index and low levels of corruption have a better chance for a successful implementation of the reforms on the path of the "Green growth". Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries with low economic, social and political indicators of readiness to the "Green Economy" transition have a long way to socio-economic and political transformation towards efficient economy, civil society and development of the state.


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