American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Web-Based Emergency Management Information System for Landslides Occurrences

Jordan H. Souza, Carlos A.P. Soares, Gislaine Santos and Wainer S. Silva

DOI : 10.3844/ajessp.2017.1.10

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 13, Issue 1

Pages 1-10


Landslides cause significant human and environmental damage, as well as unpredictable damage to structures and buildings. This paper presents the development and application of a web-based system for risk management in landslide-related emergency preparedness. This system allows for easy access to information, even in hard-to-reach regions, by integrating mobile internet devices, like cell phones and tablets, with GPS systems, without requiring cartography or geoprocessing for its operation. Furthermore, in cases of imminent risk, the system can help prioritize the emergency response, so that scarce response resources can be allocated to the most vulnerable areas. A case study is carried out, demonstrating the benefits and difficulties of implementing this system for emergency response decision-making in urban scenarios with geotechnical risks.


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