American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Determination of Mercury and Manganese by Using New Reagent Azo after Cloud Point Extraction for Some Environmental Sample in Iraq

Saadiyah Ahmed Dhahir

DOI : 10.3844/ajessp.2015.392.401

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 11, Issue 5

Pages 392-401


A new reagent of Azo was papered for determination of Hg+2 and Mn+2 by Cloud Point Extraction (CPE) method. Procedure which was developed for the separation and preconcentration and the procedure are simple, cheap, fast and environmental safety. The parameters affecting could point extraction, such as concentrations of reagent, volume of triton X-100, pH, equilibrium of temperature and time-consuming were studded. Under the optimum condition the linear range 2-14 μg L-1 for mercury and 2-16 μg L-1 for manganese at pH 7. The detection limit was 0.75, 0.4 μg L-1 and relative standard deviation was 1.3%, 1.4% respectively, the recovery of analytes was found 96-98.7%, 97-99.7%. The method was applied to the determination of manganese (II) and mercury(II) of wastewater of Rustimiyah city in Iraq.


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