American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Evaluation of Heavy Metal in Coastal Water at Kelantan

Rizki Wannahari, Nurul Ain Abdullah, Mariam Firdhaus Mad Nordin and Marinah Muhammad

DOI : 10.3844/ajessp.2013.505.510

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 9, Issue 6

Pages 505-510


Five sites were selected representing the studied sites of the coastal water in Kelantan, Malaysia during 1996 until May 2012. These selected sites are the popular beaches in Kelantan which are Sri Tujuh Beach (STB) located in Tumpat region, Cahaya Bulan Beach (PCB) and Sabak Beach (SB) in Kota Bharu region, Irama Beach (PI) in Bachok region and Bisikan Bayu Beach (PBB) in Pasir Putih region. In other to identify the quality of coastal water in this five popular coasts along Kelantan, study of heavy metals contamination in coastal water has been done. Evaluation of heavy metal contamination in Kelantan coastal water has doing by combine the data from Department of Environment (DOE) Malaysia and the data was got from this research. There are four types of heavy metal concentration has evaluated in this research; Cadmium (Cd), Cupper (Cu), Lead (Pb) and Chromium (Cr). From this evaluation, we can see the fluctuation of concentration the four type heavy metal (Cd, Cu, Pb, Cr) from 1996 until May 2012. Most of the year, the concentration of heavy metal is between the range of Malaysia marine quality standard except for Lead. Lead was proven to be the highest concentration pollutant in the five beaches in certain time and also exceed the Malaysia marine standard.


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