American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Determination of Lead in Soil along the Highways of Kosova

Albert Maxhuni, Fatmir Faiku, Musaj Pacarizi, Melos Zeka and Valbone Mehmeti

DOI : 10.3844/ajessp.2011.531.533

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 7, Issue 6

Pages 531-533


Problem statement: During recent several decades soil was polluted more and more serious by heavy metals because of mining, smelting, irrigating with sewerage and some other human activities. These heavy metals may adversely affect soil ecology, agricultural production or product quality and ground water quality and will ultimately harm to health of mankind by food chain. Approach: We had analyzed the quantity of Lead in two different highways Prishtina-Skopje (near the Ferizaj) and in Prishtina-Gjilan (near the Artane), Kosova. The samples were taken in different distance from routs. Results: The quantity of lead near the highways is very higher. Away from routs the quantity of lead decreases significantly. The quantity of Lead in highway Prishtina-Skopje is higher than in highway Prishtina-Gjilan. Conclusion: If the pollution with lead continues, then in future we will have very danger ecosystem problems. For that is time to do something in way to eliminate this kind of soil pollution and to improve the existing state.


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