American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Validating Trace Metals Levels in PM2.5 Aerosols from Indoor and Outdoor Polluting Premises

A. H. Bu-Olayan and B. V. Thomas

DOI : 10.3844/ajessp.2010.224.229

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 6, Issue 3

Pages 224-229


Problem statement: Our studies revealed high trace metals concentrations in PM2.5 aerosols from Residential Buildings (RB-I) and enclosed Car Parks (CP-I) indoor than in outdoor Residential Buildings (RB-O) and Car Parks Outdoor (CP-O), indicating possible dust accumulation in confined premises from six Kuwait Governorate areas. Approach: Trace metals in PM2.5 was high in the sequence of Bed Room (BR) >kitchen (FR) >Living Room (LR) due to improper ventilation and space-resident ratio. Results: Buildings Without Cars Parks (WCP) showed low PM2.5 trace metals concentrations when compared to buildings with Car Parks (CP). High PM2.5 trace metals in Governorate-IV were reflected by commercialization. Analysis showed high Al and Fe concentrations in all the categorized samples. The I/O ratio was >1 in all the samples indicating the influence of indoor attributes superseding the outdoor pollution sources. Conclusion/Recommendations: This study characterizes the trace metals variations in different areas, buildings with and without car parks and building components besides the application of preventive measures to air pollution.


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