American Journal of Environmental Sciences

An Analysis of Urban Land Development Using Multi-Criteria Decision Model and Geographical Information System (A Case Study of Babolsar City)

Sedigheh Lotfi, Kiomarth Habibi and Mohammad Javad Koohsari

DOI : 10.3844/ajessp.2009.87.93

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 5, Issue 1

Pages 87-93


Problem Statement: The unplanned physical expansion of cities has been one of the most important problems of urban management in developing countries. Iran, like other developing world has experienced a high level of urbanization growth which transformed the physical fabric of urban areas. North of Iran is one of most rapid growing region of the country where the moderate climate and a tourism based economy encouraged many developers to investigate in housing sector. So, the primary outcome of such process was the out-growth of the city boundaries in the region. Approach: This research attempted to present an appropriate model for urban physical development. The study used different parameters such as environmental and socio-economic factors to provide a good understanding of the city behavior in its geographical setting. Through applying the Multi-Criteria Decision Model (MCDA) and GIS, the most appropriate area introduced for near future development. Results: The results revealed that the integrated GIS and MCDA model has many potentials which allow the planner or user investigate the final decision for site selection for future urban physical development. Conclusion: Since the city is located in a fertile agricultural area where the general policy of the local government is to save the lands for strategic crops like rice, to select the right site for city development is quiet significant.


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