American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Teatment of Work Camp Wastewater Using a Sequencing Batch Reactor Followed by a Sand Filter

A. Rezaee, A. Khavanin and M. Ansari

DOI : 10.3844/ajessp.2008.342.346

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 4, Issue 4

Pages 342-346


Work camps, have to be established quickly, are a transient nature and located in environmentally sensitive areas. Wastewater treatment systems located in the work camps often perform poorly. In response to these deficiencies and the need to provide for reliable, cost effective, high efficiency wastewater treatment, the research team designed a sequence batch reactor (SBR)/ sand filter system that is simple, compact, robust, easy to operate and produces a high quality effluent. The SBR/sand filter system is operated with varying organic loading rates and process performance is assessed by monitoring COD, BOD5, pH, volatile suspended solids, suspended solids and nitrate during the cycle operation. The process described, is a flexible, biologic, suspended growth system that can be operated in the conventional activated sludge or extended aeration mode.


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