American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Kinetics of Chromium Sorption on Biomass Fungi from Aqueous Solution

Louhab Krim, Sahmoune Nacer and Goma Bilango

DOI : 10.3844/ajessp.2006.27.32

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 2, Issue 1

Pages 27-32


The kinetics of chromium ions sorption from aqueous solution on fungi biomass have been investigated in a batch system. The experimental data were analysed based on an intraparticle diffusion equation and a pseudo-second-order mechanism, in order to predict the constant rate of sorption and the equilibrium capacity with the effect of initial chromium ions concentration, temperature and initial solution pH. The results indicate that the sorption mechanism is described by a pseudo-second order equation. Intraparticule diffusion was signifiant in the lower concentration systems. The sorption of chromium onto the biomass fungi sorbent is favoured at higher concentrations of chromium solution, low temperatures. An activation energy of sorption was evaluted as 11.7 Kj.mol-1 for the sorption of chromium ions on fungi biomass. The results show that the sorption of the chromium ions on fungi biomass is exothermic nature process.


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