American Journal of Economics and Business Administration

Strategy in Turbulent Environment: A Case Study of Indian Domestic Company

Sapna A. Narula and K. M. Upadhyay

DOI : 10.3844/ajebasp.2010.160.168

American Journal of Economics and Business Administration

Volume 2, Issue 2

Pages 160-168


Problem statement: This case deled with an Indian pesticide company in the turbulent environment, which had to adopt a strategic shift due to changing environmental factors such as increasing competition from multinationals, regulatory forces, changing technologies. The case presented environmental situation in the industry and also described the events which led to the turbulency. Approach: This is a teaching case written with the objective to familiarize the students with concept of environmental forces affecting the industry in general and a company in particular. The students were also expected to work out strategies for the said company under a given strategic situation. The case had mainly used secondary data published in website, annual reports of the company and also the articles and interviews published in business dailies. Results: The findings indicated the competitive forces affecting the pesticide industry and the said company. The results described how the domestic company had to reorient its strategies in order to cope with environmental turbulence created by regulatory, competitive and market forces. Related diversification, restructuring, international market entry and concentration and new product development were some of the strategies adopted by the company. Conclusion/Recommendations: The case discussion evolved the strategies for the company in corporate, business and functional domain and hence provides useful implications for managers. This is a useful resource for academicians, researchers and students and can be used in strategic management and business environment courses as a teaching case. The study opens new vistas of business management research for the Indian as well as international pesticide industry. Further, both case studies based as well as empirical research could be taken up to find the impact of environmental forces on industry and the strategic reaction of the firms in the industry.


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