American Journal of Economics and Business Administration

The Legal Status of Eco-Labels and Product and Process Methods in the World Trade Organization

Jasper Stein

DOI : 10.3844/ajebasp.2009.285.295

American Journal of Economics and Business Administration

Volume 1, Issue 4

Pages 285-295


Problem statement: The award of eco-labels to environmental friendly products or production and process methods of products is a measure to protect the environment by supporting environmental friendly products. WTO members award eco-labels to combine trade restrictions which are based on environmental protection and the general provisions of the WTO. Approach: This study examined the different types of Eco-labels and their characteristics and their legal status in the WTO. Therefore, this study is divided into three topics. In the first topic, the attributes of Eco-labels will be presented. Results: After that, the next topic deals with the legal status of eco-labels within the WTO and based on this a review of the WTO jurisprudence of products' attributes and products' product and process methods is made. Conclusion/Recommendations: In the last topic, the outcome of the WTO jurisprudence is applied to the legal status of Eco-labels within the WTO. Generally, Eco-labels are applicable to WTO-provisions, as long as they are voluntary.


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