American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

A Short Communication: ‘Hasret’s Theory’; Quantum Observation Caused by the Filling of a Helium-3 Electron Hole in an INVIZICLOUD© via a ‘Celalettin-Field Quantum Observation Tunnel’

Metin Celalettin and Horace King

DOI : 10.3844/ajeassp.2019.387.390

American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Volume 12, Issue 3

Pages 387-390


In anti-ferromagnetism, the magnetic moments of particles related to electron spin; a regular pattern, the remaining particles in the ensemble are like ferromagnetism; a manifestation of ordered magnetism. The attraction between a magnet and a ferromagnetic the quality of magnetism first apparent to the formation of the Earth 4 Billion years ago until today. Generally, antiferromagnetic order is directly proportional to temperature. Above the Néel temperature, the material is typically paramagnetic. When investigating ‘quantum observation’ and hypothesizing a reason for quantum decoherence ‘because’ of quantum observation the ‘Celalettin-Field Quantum Observation Tunnel’ is a mathematically sound explanation.


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