American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Application Specific Integrated Circuits Design and Implementation of Rademacher and Walsh Functions

A. Abbasi, A. R.M. Alamoud and S. A. Abbasi

DOI : 10.3844/ajeassp.2013.360.368

American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Volume 6, Issue 4

Pages 360-368


The orthogonal functions, specially the Rademacher and Walsh functions are being increasingly used in Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Today’s DSP applications require fast processing time in order to meet the challenges of the real time systems. State-of-the-art implementation technologies are therefore being used. This study describes the design and implementation of Rademacher and Walsh functions targeted to the state-of-the-art Cell Based Integrated Circuits (CBIC) technology. High level design techniques are used with the help of advanced EDA tools from SYNOPSYS International. Optimized VHDL models have been developed and used for design entry. The design is thoroughly verified using advanced verifications tools. The design is implemented and processing has been done with 90 nm CMOS Technology from TSMC foundry. It is observed that the results obtained, are far better than the FPGA implementation reported earlier in the literature.


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