American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Use of Recycled Aggregate and Fly Ash in Concrete Pavement

Myle Nguyen James, Wonchang Choi and Taher Abu-Lebdeh

DOI : 10.3844/ajeassp.2011.201.208

American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Volume 4, Issue 2

Pages 201-208


Problem statement: Recycled materials aggregate from the demolished concrete structures and fly ash from burning coal shows the possible application as structural and non structural components in concrete structures. This research aims to evaluate the feasibility of using concrete containing recycled concrete aggregate and fly ash in concrete pavement. Approach: Two water cement ratio (0.45 and 0.55) the compressive strength, modulus of electricity and flexural strength for concrete with recycled aggregate and fly ash with 0, 25% replacing cement in mass were considered. Results: The material properties of recycled aggregate concrete with fly ash indicate comparable results with that of concrete with natural aggregate and without fly ash. Conclusion/Recommendations: The recycled materials could be used in concrete pavement and it will promote the sustainability of concrete.


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