American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

The Characteristics of Architecture Style of the Traditional Houses in the Mosul City-Analytical Study

Mozahim Mohammed Mustafa, Daizhizhong and Yuan Hong

DOI : 10.3844/ajeassp.2010.380.389

American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Volume 3, Issue 2

Pages 380-389


Problem statement: Mosul city distinguishes itself in its architecture style which has earned and developed through ages. However, this style is now prone to extinction. This is due to the lack of studies which clarify the characteristics of architecture style in the traditional architecture of the city and benefit from it for future designs and to maintain the architecture identity of the city. The above problem made local architects rely on Western concepts in the process of construction and expansion that occurred in this city since the second decade of the twentieth century. Approach: Therefore, there is a need to have studies showing the characteristics of architecture style of the traditional buildings in Mosul city, so that it can be invested in current and future designs. One study can not be enough to clarify the characteristics of Architecture style in the city, because of the building functional diversity, so it is necessary to focus on one type of building which are the residential houses. The residential houses represent most of the urban fabric of the Mosul city and this is a key component of the identity of the city architecture in general. Results: Thus stating the research problem as “lack of clear perception of the characteristics of architecture style of the traditional houses in Mosul city to consider in future designs” and having in mind this problem, the goal of this research has been set to clarify these characteristics. The hypothesis has been developed concerning these properties: Identification of a methodology for the research to achieve the goal and verification of the hypothesis. Conclusion: Finally, architectural style that characterized the traditional residential houses in the light of several levels, which are the basic components and formal relations (organization of space, mass configuration) and fine architectural treatments, were provided.


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