American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Effect of Corrosion Damage on the Ductility Performance of Concrete Columns

J. Revathy, K. Suguna and P. N. Raghunath

DOI : 10.3844/ajeassp.2009.324.327

American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Volume 2, Issue 2

Pages 324-327


Problem statement: An experimental investigation was carried out on reinforced concrete columns with corroding reinforcement to assess the residual strength and ductility performance of columns. Approach: An accelerated corrosion regime of different degrees of corrosion damage of 10 and 25% were induced in the steel reinforcement of concrete columns. The columns were then tested under uni-axial compression until failure. Results: The results showed a marked reduction in axial strength and ductility of the corroded concrete columns. Conclusion/Recommendations: The increase in corrosion intensity decreased the axial load carrying capacity of the columns and hence reduction in ductility of the corroded columns.


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