Current Research in Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics-Assisted Microbiological Research: Tasks, Developments and Upcoming Challenges

Dhananjaya P. Singh, Ratna Prabha, Anil Rai and Dilip K. Arora

DOI : 10.3844/ajbsp.2012.10.19

Current Research in Bioinformatics

Volume 1, Issue 1

Pages 10-19


Problem statement: Bioinformatics in the present day microbiological research is an inevitable subject area that encompasses biological resources and high end computational skills to unravel the coded and encrypted information within the life. We have produced a brief account of the developments and tasks in the subject and upcoming challenges in the subject. The area has seen tremendous developmental pattern in the last few decades due to the emerging computational technologies dedicated for uncovering the complex but vital biological information that not only essentially constitute the basis of life but entails about the evolutionary diversification and multiphasic interaction among the organisms with their own environment. Now, with the technological advancements, bioinformatics has completely changed microbiological domain for researchers. Conclusion/Recommendations: In Future, the ultimate goal of bioinformatics will be such kind of integration of the biological databases and genomic resources that can result in a computer representation of living cells and organisms whereby any aspect of biology can be examined computationally.


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