American Journal of Agricultural and Biological Sciences

GO-NGO Support in Selected Char Areas of Sirajganj District in Bangladesh: Impact on Crop Profitability and Farmers’ Income Generation

Md. Monirul Islam, Arifa Jannat and Aurup Ratan Dhar

DOI : 10.3844/ajabssp.2017.130.138

American Journal of Agricultural and Biological Sciences

Volume 12, Issue 3

Pages 130-138


The study was carried out to elucidate the GO-NGO support on farmers’ income generation in selected char areas of Sirajganj district. Following purposive sampling technique, a total of 60 farmers (30 non-supported and 30 GO-NGO supported) were selected for the study. Descriptive statistics, mathematical and statistical analyses were used to analyze the collected data from field survey method. The average benefit cost ratio (BCR) of crop farming for non-supported farmers was 1.70 and for GO-NGO supported farmers it was 1.80 indicated that crop farming was more profitable under GO-NGO supported farmers. The double difference estimates for total income in the year of 2012 and 2014 was Tk. 14046.8 which was statistically significant. Ravallion test result also picturized that, income was increased by Tk. 10404.0 for the support obtained from the different GOs and NGOs. From logit model it was found that farm size, household size, education level of the household head and farm income had significant influence on adopting GO-NGO supports in farming practices. Farmers expressed their opinion about the lack of transportation facilities, low price of output, etc. as major problems. Transportation and communication facilities should be improved in the study areas, government social safety net programmes should be enhanced to support the farmers in char areas and compulsory primary education programme for both male and female should be implemented.


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