American Journal of Agricultural and Biological Sciences

A Review on Biochemical Mechanism of Fatty Acids Synthesis and Oil Deposition in Brassica and Arabidopsis

Mukhlesur Rahman

DOI : 10.3844/ajabssp.2014.534.545

American Journal of Agricultural and Biological Sciences

Volume 9, Issue 4

Pages 534-545


Oilseeds crops provide edible oil for humans’ diet or oil for industrial purpose. Triacylglycerols (TAG) are the main components in seed oil which is formed by the esterification of fatty acids to glycerol back bone. In plants, fatty acid biosynthesis process initiated in plastid and ended in the endoplasmic reticulum. A series of biochemical steps are involved in TAG formation and many of the genes involved in this process have been identified. The quality of seed oil depends on the type of fatty acids esterified to glycerol. Finally, the TAGs are stored as lipid in seeds. The biosynthesis process of fatty acids and oil formation in seeds is reviewed in this manuscript.


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