American Journal of Agricultural and Biological Sciences

The Land Uses' Consequences in Coastal Area of Faliraki and Delta Penaeus River in Greece

Agisilaos Economou

DOI : 10.3844/ajabssp.2009.39.48

American Journal of Agricultural and Biological Sciences

Volume 4, Issue 1

Pages 39-48


Problem statement: The areas of Faliraki and Delta Pinaeus river is presented with downgrade in natural resources that has a direct affect on the future development of these areas. This research investigated (i) whether land uses have downgraded the coastal areas (ii) to which degree the determination of land uses can play an important role in the reduction of environmental problems and in the protection of an area. Approach: An exploratory descriptive statistics and a comparative method were used on the employment in the productive sectors, built-up development and tourist development. In addition to this, personal interviews took place with the people in charge of technical services of corresponding municipalities. Moreover, the study was focused not only on the factors that cause the territorial changes, their way of connection with the environmental problems and the degradation of natural resources but also on the connection of conflicts of land uses with application problems in land-planning policy and on their effort of confronting these problems. Results: The areas were presented with similar activities in various sectors and many differences in the intensity of land uses. Faliraki had a powerful tertiary sector in contrast to Delta Pinaeus’ area that had a powerful primary sector. The building activity in Faliraki was pointed out, which coincided with a big tourist development. On the other hand in Delta Pinaeus’ area there was building activity only in area of Aiganis. Faliraki presented a high hotel potential and a big tourist movement whereas the Delta Pinaeus’ area is characterized by a low hotel potential and a small tourist movement. Conclusion: The research showed that the intensities of land uses cause the main environmental problems in the coastal area. The attendance of local Authorities and citizens plays an important role to the development and the protection of the environment. For the reduction of environmental repercussions not only the regulation of land uses by the state but also their application by the residents is required.


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