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Editorial Workflow

The peer review process is an essential element of the publication cycle. All manuscripts submitted to undergo extensive peer review by our Editorial Board Members and blind reviews by a of 2 reviewers. Following is the editorial workflow that all submitted manuscripts undergo.

Initial Evaluation
All manuscripts are processed using Science Publications' in-house Manuscript Tracking System. Once we receive a manuscript, our Editorial Office runs a plagiarism check and screens the manuscript to decide whether or not it should be sent for peer review. It is therefore very important for authors to make sure that their manuscript is well written and is of high quality. During the initial screening, our Editorial Office mainly checks the following:

  1. Does the manuscript fit the journal’s scope?
  2. Is the content of the manuscript is good enough to make it worth reviewing?
  3. Is the manuscript compliant with the journal’s Instructions for Authors?
  4. Has the manuscript been submitted or published elsewhere?

If manuscript fails to meet the journal's requirements, it is immediately rejected.

Peer Review
After manuscripts clear the initial screening, they are assigned to either a Regional Editor/Editor-in-Chief. The Regional Editor/Editor-in-Chief assigns manuscripts to a Handling Editor. The handling editor will send the manuscript to a minimum of 3 reviewers for peer review. Reviewers submit the evaluation results along with their recommendations as one of the following actions:

  1. Accept
  2. Minor Revision
  3. Major Revision
  4. Reject & Resubmit
  5. Reject

We have a single blinded peer-review process in which the reviewers know who the authors of the manuscript are, but the authors do not have access to the information of who the peer reviewers are. All our journals acknowledge the researchers who have performed the peer-review and without the significant contributions made by these researchers, the publication of the journal would not be possible. We try our best to adhere to the guidelines laid out by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). We also forward the guidelines to our reviewers to ensure the highest ethical standards of evaluation.

Final Decision
In order for the handling editor to provide a recommendation regarding the manuscript, at least two completed reviews are required. Once the reviewers have submitted their comments, the handling editor will be notified. The handling editor will then send their recommendations to the Regional Editor/Editor-in-Chief. The Regional Editor/Editor-in-Chief delivers and informs the author of the final decision.

If the manuscript is conditionally accepted, authors will be required to revise their manuscript according to the Editor’s suggestions and submit a revised version of their manuscript for further evaluation.

Our Editorial Workflow allows editors to reject manuscripts due to a number of reasons including inappropriateness of the subject, lack of quality, or incorrectness of the results. We ensure high quality and unbiased peer-review by sending the manuscript for evaluation to a range of reviewers in different parts of the world.


If authors feel any inconvenience in the publication process, they may submit their complaints to The Editorial Office will address complaints regarding the journal’s policies and procedures and may forward the complaint to the respective journal’s Editorial Board, if required.

Antifungal Activity of Skin Secretion of Bleeding Toad Leptophryne Cruentata and Javan Tree Frog Rhacophorus Margaritifer

I. Made Artika, Sabrina Pinontoan and Mirza Dikari Kusrini
Published On : January 16, 2015

Influence of Degrading Calcium Phosphate on the Remodelling and Mineralisation of Avascular Osseous Tissue in a Rat Calvaria Model

Tulio Fernandez, Carlos H. Valencia, Yuann Li, George A. Thouas, Donald F. Newgreen and Qizhi Chen
Published On : December 24, 2014

Sodium L-Glutamate-Induced Physiological Changes in Lactobacillus Brevis NCL912 During GABA Production Under Acidic Conditions

Gui-Dong Huang, Jian Mao, Zhongwei Ji and Askaer Alati
Volume : 10, Issue : 4 Pages : 251-259
Published On : December 22, 2014

Protective Effect of Galactomannan Extracted from Iraqi Lycium barbarum L. Fruits against Alloxan-Induced Diabetes in Rats

Adnan J.M. Al-Fartosy
Published On : December 15, 2014

Inhibition of Interleukin-6 Expression by Curcumin in Rat Vascular Smooth Muscle Explants In Vitro

Yanti , Stephanie , Yuliani , F.G. Winarno and Maggy T. Suhartono
Volume : 10, Issue : 4 Pages : 260-266
Published On : December 15, 2014

Antilithiatic Influence of Spirulina on Ethylene Glycol-Induced Nephrolithiasis in Male Rats

Atef M. Al-Attar
Volume : 6, Issue : 1 Pages : 25-31
Downloads : 132103

Mapping QTLs Linked to Physio-Morphological and Plant Production Traits under Drought Stress in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) in the Target Environment

S. M. Gomez, S. S. Kumar, P. Jeyaprakash, R. Suresh, K. R. Biji, N. M. Boopathi, Adam H. Price and R. C. Babu
Volume : 2, Issue : 4 Pages : 161-169
Downloads : 64426

Effect of Nitrogen on Growth and Lipid Content of Chlorella pyrenoidosa

Subhasha Nigam, Monika P. Rai and Rupali Sharma
Volume : 7, Issue : 3 Pages : 124-129
Downloads : 14432


Ezekiel Amri and Florence Mamboya
Volume : 8, Issue : 2 Pages : 99-104
Downloads : 13283

Production of Biodiesel by Enzymatic Transesterification: Review

Abdel E. Ghaly, D. Dave, M. S. Brooks and S. Budge
Volume : 6, Issue : 2 Pages : 54-76
Downloads : 12595

Antilithiatic Influence of Spirulina on Ethylene Glycol-Induced Nephrolithiasis in Male Rats

Atef M. Al-Attar
Volume : 6, Issue : 1 Pages : 25-31
Views : 38977

Biodiesel Fuel Production from Algae as Renewable Energy

A. B.M. Sharif Hossain, Aishah Salleh, Amru Nasrulhaq Boyce, Partha chowdhury and Mohd Naqiuddin
Volume : 4, Issue : 3 Pages : 250-254
Views : 3656

Antimicrobial Properties of Newly Synthesized Derivatives of Coumarine

S. Govori, S. Spahiu, V. Kalaj, O. Leci, A. Haziri and H. Ibrahimi
Volume : 6, Issue : 4 Pages : 275-278
Views : 1967

Production of Biodiesel by Enzymatic Transesterification: Review

Abdel E. Ghaly, D. Dave, M. S. Brooks and S. Budge
Volume : 6, Issue : 2 Pages : 54-76
Views : 1915

The Development of a Revised Canadian Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Case Definition

Leonard A. Jason, Meredyth Evans, Nicole Porter, Molly Brown, Abigail Brown, Jessica Hunnell, Valerie Anderson, Athena Lerch, Kenny De Meirleir and Fred Friedberg
Volume : 6, Issue : 2 Pages : 120-135
Views : 1798