American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology


  • Lawrence Kevin Duffy
    University of Alaska Fairbanks
    United States
    Expertise: Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology

Associate Editors

  • Aydin Berenjian
    University of Sydney
    Expertise: Cell culture and fermentation technologies, environmental technologies and optimization methods for bioprocessing.

Editorial Board Members

  • Marilee Benore
    University of Michigan - Dearborn
    United States
    Expertise: Biochemistry, Biochemical Education, Molecular Biology, Vitamin Transport, Receptors
  • Martin Levine
    University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
    United States
    Expertise: Dentistry - Oral Biology - Oral Microbiology - Hard and soft tissue biochemistry - Immunochemistry & Vaccines - Enzymology - Salivary Composition
  • Shanzhi Wang
    Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    United States
    Expertise: enzyme kinetics, protein dynamics, drug design, protein-protein interactions, protein-inhibitor interactions, drug effects on micro-organisms, mass spectrometry, NMR, fluorescent spectrometry.
  • Addmore Shonhai
    University of Venda
    South Africa
    Expertise: Biochemistry, Protein folding (molecular chaperones), heat shock proteins, malaria, nanobiotechnology
  • Shao Q. Yao
    National University of Singapore
    Expertise: Organic/bio-organic chemistry and chemical biology.
  • Roberto Mazzoli
    University of Torino
    Expertise: Metabolic engineering, proteomics, transcriptomics, bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, clostridia, cellulase, cellulosome, lactic acid, ethanol, butanol, bioremediation, food safety, nutraceuticals, biorefinery, enzymology, biomass
  • Stefano Bruno
    Università degli Studi di Parma
    Expertise: Biochemistry; protein expression and purification; mutagenesis; enzymology; spectroscopy of pyridoxal phosphate and heme proteins;
  • Yuanda Song
    Jiangnan University
    Expertise: Food Biotechnology, Microbial lipid biochemistry, lipid metabolism and related diseases, Functional lipids, food microbiology