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Current Issue

Monte Carlos Simulation Approach to Population Dynamics of Sickle Cell Anaemia

Pages : 358-364

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2017.358.364

Published On : March 15, 2017

Measuring three Demarketing Cases using Statistical Methods

Pages : 365-371

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2017.365.371

Published On : March 2, 2017

Common Fixed Point Theorems for Four Maps in G-Partial Metric Spaces

Pages : 372-380

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2017.372.380

Published On : March 10, 2017

Taxation of End Consumption: Effect on Country Economies and its Characteristics

Pages : 381-391

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2017.381.391

Published On : March 18, 2017

Climate Projections of Future Extreme Events in Malaysia

Pages : 392-405

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2017.392.405

Published On : March 21, 2017

Cavern Design Philosophy under High Stress Rock Condition a Case Study in Sri Lanka

Pages : 406-416

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2017.406.416

Published On : March 21, 2017

On Fuzzy Primary Γ-Ideals in Γ-Left Almost Semigroups

Pages : 417-425

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2017.417.425

Published On : March 27, 2017

A Guideline of using Assistive Technologies and Educational Services for Students with Disabilities in Higher Education

Theeratorn Lersilp and Suchitporn Lersilp
Published On : April 28, 2017

Continuous Wavelet Transform Based Spectral Decomposition of 3d Seismic Data for Reservoir Characterization in Oyi Field, se Niger Delta

Chukwuemeka Ngozi Ehirim and Andifon Sylvester Akpan
Published On : April 28, 2017

Effects of Plastic Wedges on Whole Foot Radiograph in Anteroposterior and Oblique Positions

Poe Lorlorm, Winit Choiprasert, Montree Tungjai and Suchart Kothan
Published On : April 27, 2017

Study of Modified Oral Minimal Model using n-Order Decay Rate of Plasma Insulin for the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test in Subjects with Normal, Impaired and Diabetic Glucose Tolerance

Agus Kartono, Egha Sabila Putri, Ardian Arif Setiawan, Heriyanto Syafutra and Tony Sumaryada
Published On : April 25, 2017

The Generation of Malay Lexicon

Kalaiarasi Sonai Muthu Anbananthen, Surendran Selvaraju and Jaya Kumar Krishnan
Published On : April 14, 2017

ECG Signal Denoising By Wavelet Transform Thresholding

Mikhled Alfaouri and Khaled Daqrouq
Volume : 5, Issue : 3 Pages : 276-281
Cites : 122

Case Study: A Strategic Research Methodology

Khairul Baharein Mohd Noor
Volume : 5, Issue : 11 Pages : 1602-1604
Cites : 98

A Novel Reversible BCD Adder For Nanotechnology Based Systems

Majid Haghparast and Keivan Navi
Volume : 5, Issue : 3 Pages : 282-288
Cites : 88

Extraction of Oil from Jatropha Seeds-Optimization and Kinetics

Sepidar Sayyar, Zurina Z. Abidin, Robiah Yunus and Azhari Muhammad
Volume : 6, Issue : 7 Pages : 1390-1395
Cites : 86

Oil Palm Biomass As Potential Substitution Raw Materials For Commercial Biomass Briquettes Production

A.B. Nasrin, A.N. Ma, Y.M. Choo, S. Mohamad, M.H. Rohaya, A. Azali and Z. Zainal
Volume : 5, Issue : 3 Pages : 179-183
Cites : 68

Dental Arch Dimension of Malay Ethnic Group

H. A. Mohammad, M. I.A. Hassan and S. F. Hussain
Volume : 8, Issue : 11 Pages : 1061-1066
Downloads : 86680

A Qualitative Approach of Identifying Major Cost Influencing Factors in Palm Oil Mills and the Relations towards Production Cost of Crude Palm Oil

Elaine L.Y. Man and Adam Baharum
Volume : 8, Issue : 5 Pages : 441-446
Downloads : 52658

Static and Dynamic Performance Improvement of Conventional Computer Numerical Control Machine Tool Bed with Hybrid Welded Steel

S. S. Abuthakeer, P. V. Mohanram and G. Mohankumar
Volume : 8, Issue : 6 Pages : 610-616
Downloads : 45871

Case Study: A Strategic Research Methodology

Khairul Baharein Mohd Noor
Volume : 5, Issue : 11 Pages : 1602-1604
Downloads : 31600

A Practical Design of Anti-Theft Car Protection System Based on Microcontroller

Mohammed Abuzalata, Muntaser Momani, Sayel Fayyad and Suleiman Abu-Ein
Volume : 9, Issue : 5 Pages : 709-716
Downloads : 22154

Comparative Effects of Drought and Salt Stress on Germination and Seedling Growth of Pennisetum divisum (Gmel.) Henr.

Wafaa A. Al-Taisan
Volume : 7, Issue : 5 Pages : 640-646
Views : 10357

Implementation of 5S Practices in the Manufacturing Companies: A Case Study

Mohd N.A. Rahman, Nor K. Khamis, Rosmaizura M. Zain, Baba M. Deros and Wan H.W. Mahmood
Volume : 7, Issue : 8 Pages : 1182-1189
Views : 2457

Dental Arch Dimension of Malay Ethnic Group

H. A. Mohammad, M. I.A. Hassan and S. F. Hussain
Volume : 8, Issue : 11 Pages : 1061-1066
Views : 1829

Isolation and Characterization of Thermophilic Cellulase-Producing Bacteria from Empty Fruit Bunches-Palm Oil Mill Effluent Compost

Azhari S. Baharuddin, Mohamad N.A. Razak, Lim S. Hock, Mohd N. Ahmad, Suraini Abd-Aziz, Nor A.A. Rahman, Umi K.M Shah, Mohd A. Hassan, Kenji Sakai and Yoshihito Shirai
Volume : 7, Issue : 1 Pages : 56-62
Views : 1700

Sea Level Threat in Tuvalu

Than Aung, Awnesh Singh and Uma Prasad
Volume : 6, Issue : 6 Pages : 1169-1174
Views : 1501