Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

Survey of Vector Bundles, Chern Classes, Relative Analytic Spaces and Mathematical Concepts for Field Theories


The focus of the special issue is to present an overview about vector bundles, Chern classes, Relative Analytic Spaces and further mathematical concepts also for field theories. Symplectic Geometry, especially in relation to Chern Classes is also presented in the Special Issue. The main focus of the special issue is dedicated to a survey in complex analysis and geometry in pure mathematics and the utilization and operation of complex analysis and geometry in field theories to emphasize the importance of these mathematical fields for mathematics and physics. In Physics and especially, for field theories and string theory mathematics is paramount for the expression and representation of phenomena. Research Papers need to be of high quality and well written.


Christina PospisilPhysics, Mathematics and Computer Science Department, University of Massachusetts Boston

Important Dates

Manuscript Submission Deadline1 October, 2020
Review Completed by1 November, 2020
Possible Publication Date30 November, 2020