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Impact of Euphorbia helioscopia Extract Administration on Diabetes Induced by Alloxan in Mice

Doha Mohammad Beltagy1, Amira Mohammed Beltagy1, Mohammad Ramadan1, Ehab Tousson2 and Batoul Mohamed Izzularab1
  • 1 Damanhour University, Egypt
  • 2 Tanta University, Egypt
OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences
Volume 20 No. 3, 2020, 144-156


Submitted On: 5 August 2020 Published On: 19 October 2020

How to Cite: Beltagy, D. M., Beltagy, A. M., Ramadan, M., Tousson, E. & Izzularab, B. M. (2020). Impact of Euphorbia helioscopia Extract Administration on Diabetes Induced by Alloxan in Mice. OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences, 20(3), 144-156.


Diabetes describes metabolic disorder with hyperglycemia and neurotic changes. This work aimed to evaluate the protective effect of total ethanolic extract of Euphorbia helioscopia grown in Egypt against pancreas and brain injuries in diabetic mice induced by alloxan. This work was carried out on 60 mice divided into four groups. Control Group (G1) included healthy normal mice that did not receive any treatment. E. helioscopia extract Group (G2) was administered with the ethanolic extract daily for one week. Alloxan Group (G3) included mice were injected with a single dose of alloxan monohydrate. The treated Group (G4) included mice were injected with alloxan then treated with the extract. The obtained results indicated antidiabetic, neuroprotective, antiapoptotic and antioxidant activities of E. helioscopia in alloxan-induced diabetic mice. The antidiabetic properties of E. helioscopia represented in the reduction in serum glucose levels to 134.13±1.3 and the increase in insulin secretion reached to 84.93±1.16 if compared to their levels in diabetic mice showed 243.47±1.73 and 34.13±0.99, respectively. These results were confirmed by histopathological and immunohistological sections in pancreas and brain. In conclusion, ethanolic extract of E. helioscopia can be used as a promising good alternative and complementary therapy for diabetes

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  • Euphorbia helioscopia
  • Diabetes
  • Alloxan
  • Apoptosis
  • Antioxidant