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Implementation of Health Information System-A Case Study of Magrabi Hospitals, KSA

Diaa Eldin ELSaied1 and Habib Ullah Khan2
  • 1 University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • 2 Qatar University, Qatar
Journal of Computer Science
Volume 13 No. 5, 2017, 91-104


Submitted On: 26 February 2017 Published On: 12 May 2017

How to Cite: ELSaied, D. E. & Khan, H. U. (2017). Implementation of Health Information System-A Case Study of Magrabi Hospitals, KSA. Journal of Computer Science, 13(5), 91-104.


Today's healthcare market has created its niche by adopting emerging technologies and ensuring minimal rate of failures. Embracing integrated Health Information System (HIS) is one such venture that not only helps the organization to excel in the market but also caters to the needs of the public. The present research paper is a case study of HIS implementation of Magrabi hospitals and centres, in Saudi Arabia. Though implementing HIS is a herculean task, with respect to the efforts as well as investment, Magrabi could achieve this task with at most care. The system could promote service efficacy across all the centres and hospitals of Magrabi. The paper analyses the procedures and strategies followed in order to prepare the entity ready for transformation. That is, the method of actualizing the health system implementation is also detailed in this study. Overall, the case research tried to know the extent of improvement took place in all the streams of operations in Magrabi group after automation. To gather this information, data is collected from all the in-charges of respective departments as well as users, who are in managerial cadre. This data is tabulated against various cycles (revenue and payroll). From the opinion of the stakeholders it can be easily understood that HIS has brought a sea change in the service flows of Magrabi group. Apart from the benefits of HIS implementation, the lacunae of the study along with the future research prospects in these lines are suggested for the possible improvements.

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  • Health Information System (HIS)
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Electronic Health Record
  • Implementation
  • Saudi Arabia