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Advising Approach to Enhance Students' Performance Level in Higher Education Environments

Aya M. Mostafa1, Ayman E. Khedr2 and A. Abdo1
  • 1 Helwan University, Egypt
  • 2 Future University in Egypt, Egypt
Journal of Computer Science
Volume 13 No. 5, 2017, 130-139


Submitted On: 8 November 2016 Published On: 24 May 2017

How to Cite: Mostafa, A. M., Khedr, A. E. & Abdo, A. (2017). Advising Approach to Enhance Students' Performance Level in Higher Education Environments. Journal of Computer Science, 13(5), 130-139.


Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) is a major new approach to enhance students' performance level at any higher education institution. Moreover, it supports decision making based on the extracted information. It works as a framework for continuous improvement and evaluation in higher education environments. This study intends to achieve many benefits including; minimize wastages education through selecting the appropriate decision for students to increase education values. Additionally, the study presents the Proposed Advising Approach to support students during the course registration process. The study is applied in the faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, Business Information System program (BIS) at Helwan University, Egypt. The experimental results have shown that the students who used the proposed advising approach have the highest percentage of the score from pre-test to post- test.

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  • Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)
  • Higher Education Environments
  • Decision Making
  • Learning Styles
  • Decision Tree