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Intelligent Semantic Universal Search in Mobile Platform

Jinhyung Kim1, Myunggwon Hwang1, Hanmin Jung1 and Doheon Jung1
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Journal of Computer Science
Volume 8 No. 5, 2012, 796-803


Submitted On: 24 November 2011 Published On: 9 March 2012

How to Cite: Kim, J., Hwang, M., Jung, H. & Jung, D. (2012). Intelligent Semantic Universal Search in Mobile Platform. Journal of Computer Science, 8(5), 796-803.


Problem statement: As the performance of mobile devices is getting higher, a large quantity of information is stored and managed in mobile devices. Therefore, the precise and intelligent universal search becomes the most important issue in the smart mobile platform. Conclusion/Reommendation: In this study, we suggest the semantic universal search in smart mobile platform facilitated by the ontology; ontology modeling, ontology learning and ontology reasoning. Through the suggested system, we can enhance usability and convenience compared to conventional universal searches.

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  • Data Dependency (DD)
  • Data Function (DF)
  • Data Sources (DS)
  • universal search application
  • provide snapshots
  • conventional universal searches