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A Policy-Based Admission Control Scheme for Voice over IP Networks

Sami Alwakeel1 and Agung Prasetijo1
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Journal of Computer Science
Volume 5 No. 11, 2009, 817-821


Submitted On: 19 August 2009 Published On: 30 November 2009

How to Cite: Alwakeel, S. & Prasetijo, A. (2009). A Policy-Based Admission Control Scheme for Voice over IP Networks. Journal of Computer Science, 5(11), 817-821.


Problem statement: In Voice Over IP (VOIP) network, when more calls are admitted to the network, more voice packet traffic is created. Since bandwidth is always limited, this may result network congestion and/or may affect voice quality. Thus, we needed a mechanism for improving the Quality of Service (QoS) by controlling VOIP calls admission. Approach: Given a specified bandwidth and a constant background data rate, we attempted to explore the effect of Open Window and Leaky Bucket admission schemes on VoIP calls quality. These policy-based admission controls were simulated using NS-2 Simulator. The inter-arrival time distribution for the network background data traffic was assumed to be deterministic with a Constant Bit Rate (CBR). Voice packets traffic inter-arrival time is assumed to have an exponential distribution. Each voice call has a rate of 64 kbps for duration of 120 min. Results: Various performance measures of VoIP calls and packet traffic were evaluated including: packet loss, packet drop rate, delay, jitter and call rejection rate. Performance results of the experiment are summarized in a power ratio index which presented the impact of a collection of performance parameters on VoIP service quality. Conclusion: Implementing a policy based admission scheme on VoIP network will improve its QoS and the degree of improvement depends on the network setting parameters. If threshold rate for call admission is set above network ceiling bandwidth, leaky bucket will result a higher and unacceptable jitter. Overall, leaky bucket scheme was considered inferior when compared to open window for improving QoS of VoIP.

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  • Voice over IP
  • Call admission control
  • Leaky bucket
  • Open Window Policy schemes