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Application of a Database in the Monitoring of Workstations in a Local Area Network

Eyo O. Ukem1 and Buba G. Bajoga1
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Journal of Computer Science
Volume 5 No. 11, 2009, 811-816


Submitted On: 13 July 2009 Published On: 30 November 2009

How to Cite: Ukem, E. O. & Bajoga, B. G. (2009). Application of a Database in the Monitoring of Workstations in a Local Area Network . Journal of Computer Science, 5(11), 811-816.


Problem statement: Computer hardware fault management and repairs can be a big challenge, especially if the number of staff available for the job is small. The task becomes more complicated if remote sites are managed and an engineer or technician has to be dispatched. Approach: Availability of relevant information when needed could ease the burden of maintenance by removing uncertainties. Such required information could be accumulated in a database and accessed as needed. Results: This study considered such a database, to assist a third party hardware maintenance firm keep track of its operations, including the machines that it services, together with their owners. A software application was developed in Java programming language, in the form of a database, using Microsoft Access as the database management system. It was designed to run on a local area network and to allow remote workstations to log on to a central computer in a client/server configuration. With this application it was possible to enter fault reports into the database residing on the central computer from any workstation on the network. Conclusion/Recommendations: The information generated from this data can be used by the third party hardware maintenance firm to speed up its service delivery, thus putting the firm in a position to render more responsive and efficient service to the customers.

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  • Software application
  • database
  • fault logging
  • fault management
  • client/server