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A Multi-form Multiple Choice Editor Exam Tool Based on HTML Website and Artificial Intelligence Techniques

A. Rjoub1, Y. Eyadat1, A. Ghazawi1, B. Tall1, N. Sharou1 and L. Mardeeni1
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Journal of Computer Science
Volume 5 No. 6, 2009, 405-412


Submitted On: 14 March 2009 Published On: 30 June 2009

How to Cite: Rjoub, A., Eyadat, Y., Ghazawi, A., Tall, B., Sharou, N. & Mardeeni, L. (2009). A Multi-form Multiple Choice Editor Exam Tool Based on HTML Website and Artificial Intelligence Techniques . Journal of Computer Science, 5(6), 405-412.


Problem statement: The educators argue that in the post modern world changes in the nature of work, globalization, the information revaluation and today's social challenges will all impact on educational priorities and thus will require a new mode of assessment. Approach: The objectives of this study were to: (1) Present a novel software package tool to create multiple choice and true/false exam forms. (2) Provide exams key solutions automatically (3) Meet special instructors' needs by allowing to easily incorporating multimedia elements into the exam questions, as well as the word processor editing functions and (4) Save both instructors time and money. Results: The multiform exam can be created randomly from question database or manually with shuffled answers for each question. The tool was built based on website and HTML interface using the multimedia applications, two different languages English/Arabic inserted to be used on the same time, efficient Artificial Intelligence techniques and Algorithms are used. The tool had been designed, implemented and tested by experienced instructors, with the result that efficiency, accountability and saving time improved. Conclusion/Recommendations: The transform from paper to electronic resulted in greatly enhanced user satisfaction. Editor exam tool can be used via internet without the need to download and install it to users machine, it’s a time saving system when multiple versions of random exams are required. This should highly motivated, instructors and teachers to utilize technology and IT to enhance exams and performance.

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