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Edge Detection in Gray Level Images based on the Shannon Entropy

Baljit Singh1 and Amar P. Singh1
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Journal of Computer Science
Volume 4 No. 3, 2008, 186-191


Submitted On: 7 June 2008 Published On: 31 March 2008

How to Cite: Singh, B. & Singh, A. P. (2008). Edge Detection in Gray Level Images based on the Shannon Entropy. Journal of Computer Science, 4(3), 186-191.


Most of the classical mathematical methods for edge detection based on the derivative of the pixels of the original image are Gradient operators, Laplacian and Laplacian of Gaussian operators. Gradient based edge detection methods, such as Roberts, Sobel and Prewitts, have used two 2-D linear filters to process vertical edges and horizontal edges separately to approximate first-order derivative of pixel values of the image. The Laplacian edge detection method has used a 2-D linear filter to approximate second-order derivative of pixel values of the image. Major drawback of second-order derivative approach is that the response at and around the isolated pixel is much stronger. In this research study, a novel approach utilizing Shannon entropy other than the evaluation of derivates of the image in detecting edges in gray level images has been proposed. The proposed approach solves this problem at some extent. In the proposed method, we have used a suitable threshold value to segment the image and achieve the binary image. After this the proposed edge detector is introduced to detect and locate the edges in the image. A standard test image is used to compare the results of the proposed edge detector with the Laplacian of Gaussian edge detector operator. In order to validate the results, seven different kinds of test images are considered to examine the versatility of the proposed edge detector. It has been observed that the proposed edge detector works effectively for different gray scale digital images. The results of this study were quite promising.

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  • Edge detection
  • shannon entropy
  • gradient
  • laplacian
  • threshold value