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Marine Slow-Speed Diesel Engine Diagnosis with View to Cylinder Oil Specification

Sergey Victorovich Sagin1 and Oleksandr Vladymyrovich Semenov1
  • 1 Odessa National Maritime Academy, Ukraine
American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 13 No. 5, 2016, 618-627


Submitted On: 26 November 2015 Published On: 25 May 2016

How to Cite: Sagin, S. V. & Semenov, O. V. (2016). Marine Slow-Speed Diesel Engine Diagnosis with View to Cylinder Oil Specification. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 13(5), 618-627.


The possibility of marine slow-speed diesel engine cylinder-piston group diagnosis with view to the specification of waste oil taken from the under-piston space has been discussed. The specifics of using high-base cylinder oils in marine slow-speed diesel engines to prevent sulfur corrosion of the cylinders have been described. Typical challenges, arising in the process of using oils for lubricating the cylinder-piston group and ways to overcome such challenges have been specified. Empirical data that allowed for determining the optimum cylinder oil consumption and ensuring minimum wear diesel engine cylinder bushings have been provided. The experiments that were carried out in sea ship conditions are proved by findings of an oil analysis at a third-party onshore research laboratory.

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  • Adaptive Cylinder Oil Control (АСС)
  • Base Number (BN)
  • Cylinder Oil
  • Cylinder-Piston Group
  • Feed Rate (FR)
  • Marine Diesel Engine Fuel
  • Marine Slow-Speed Diesel Engine
  • Particle Quantity Index (PQI)
  • Sulfur Wear