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Transesterification of Palm Oil for the Production of Biodiesel

Khalizani Khalid1 and Khalisanni Khalid1
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American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 8 No. 8, 2011, 804-809


Submitted On: 16 June 2011 Published On: 19 July 2011

How to Cite: Khalid, K. & Khalid, K. (2011). Transesterification of Palm Oil for the Production of Biodiesel. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 8(8), 804-809.


Problem statement: Palm oil is known as an important source of edible oil with significant values of renewable energy. Depletion of petroleum had captured much attention on producing biodiesel from the palm oil. Approach: The most concerning methods for the production of biodiesel were discussed, namely transesterification (alkali and acid), enzymetic approach and supercritical alcohol. Results: The results showed the vis-à-vis of the methods for possible consideration of research. Conclusion: Concerning the importance of this vegetable oil, the contribution of palm oil towards diminution of fossil fuel, possible methods for the production of biodiesel and the opportunity for the futures is very much important.

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  • Supercritical alcohol
  • significant values
  • possible methods
  • vegetable oils
  • catalytic process
  • fossil fuel
  • hectare per
  • low volatility
  • potential vegetable