Journal of Computer Science

Elliptic Curve Signcryption Scheme with Low Computational Cost for Conventional Key Exchange Solution

Manoj Kumar and Pratik Gupta

Journal of Computer Science


Signcryption is a cryptographic scheme that connects the function of digital signature and asymmetric key encryption logically into a single step and have less computational cost than that of symmetric signature -then- encryption method, is known as signcryption. There are various significant applications of signcryption performed by several researchers. For efficient critical applications, signcryption scheme are specially suitable such as smart card dependent systems. Several researchers have performed a large number of significant applications of signcryption such as authenticated key recovery and key establishment in single small data packet, secure ATM networks as well as light weight electronic transaction protocols and multi-casting over the internet. In this research paper we had improved authentication scheme of signcryption symmetric key solutions, using elliptic curves by reducing computational cost. This makes it more crucial than others.


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