Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

Folding of Trefoil Knot and its Graph

M. E. Ghoul, A. I. Elrokh and M. M.A. Shamiri

DOI : 10.3844/jmssp.2006.378.385

Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

Volume 2, Issue 2

Pages 378-385


In this study, we introduce the effect of the folding, conditional folding, retraction and conditional retraction on trefoil knot and its graph. We introduce the sheeted trefoil knot and the folding and retraction of this type and present the limit of foldings. We study how to obtain the types of link graph by adjacency matrix for any number of vertices and how to calculate Jones polynomial for this by its connection with Tutte polynomial. The link graph which represents a trefoil knot applied as an example.


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