Journal of Computer Science

Parametrical Tuning of Twisting Generators

Aleksei F. Deon and Yulian A. Menyaev

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2016.363.378

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 12, Issue 8

Pages 363-378


Generators of uniformly distributed random numbers are broadly applied in simulations of stochastic processes that rely on normal and other distributions. In a point of fact, the uniform random numbers are actively used for applications that range from, modeling different phenomena such as theoretical mathematics and technical designing, to evidence-based medicine. This paper proposes a novel approach which consists of a combination of global twister with circular technique and initial congruential generation with complete stochastic sequences. It has been experimentally confirmed that for complete sequences this type of generation provides uniformity in distribution of random numbers. The offered program codes include the tuning methods for the generation technique where random numbers may take any bit length. Moreover, the automatic switching of generator parameters such as initial congruential constants depending on intervals for generated numbers is considered as well. Demonstrated results of testing confirm the uniformity of distribution without any repeated or skipped generated elements.


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