Journal of Computer Science

Applying Data Warehousing in University Information Systems in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A Conceptual Discussion

Hisham Al Saghier

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2016.307.313

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 12, Issue 6

Pages 307-313


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia education system is on the right way to be one of the finest education systems among the world’s education system. The most important aim is to develop the Saudi Arabia education is hub of the global map by improving the educational quality. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia focuses on Information and Communication Technology Systems (ICTS), Information Technology (IT), Computer Science, finance and banking, biotechnology, multimedia content development, advanced manufacturing and industrial design. For this presently, many universities in kingdom of Saudi Arabia depend on information systems to manage their day to day data transactions and information. The data stored in databases are helpful to the universities for conducting daily transactions of the university. However, the data is increasing hugely and to process this data there is a struggle to lead the theory and models of data mining and data warehousing where the data stored in databases are analysed to retrieve and create operative approaches to learn the best possible ways in carrying out the education in universities. In the way to execute the data mining concepts, the fixed data storage databases should be transformed into the informative data marts also known as data warehouse. This research work is focused on applying data warehousing in university information systems in kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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