Journal of Computer Science

A Novel Unique Node Based Clustering and Location-Key Pair Based Security for Wireless Networks

T. R. Vedhavathy and M. S.K. Manikandan

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2015.534.539

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 11, Issue 3

Pages 534-539


Wireless ad hoc networks are used in emergency situations especially for surveillance and monitoring. The nodes in the ad hoc networks are self-organized and can accommodate by themselves with the available resources. The nodes are capable of random movement and hence there is no fixed infrastructure. The purpose of the ad hoc networks can be fulfilled only if all nodes cooperate in routing for successful delivery of packets. But in practice, some nodes may become malicious so as to preserve their own resources. If the number of such malicious nodes increases, the performance of the network degrades significantly. In this study we introduce a novel unique node based clustering and location key pair based security for the detection of malicious nodes in the network. The simulation results show that the proposed approach is more efficient in the detection of malicious nodes.


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