Journal of Computer Science


G.M. Rajathi, R. Rangarajan, R. Haripriya and R. Nithya

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2014.2155.2163

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 10, Issue 10

Pages 2155-2163


The image data is normally corrupted by additive noise during acquisition. This reduces the accuracy and reliability of any automatic analysis. For this reason, denoising methods are often applied to restore the original image. In proposed method a wavelet shrinkage algorithm based on fuzzy logic and the DT-DWT scheme is used. In particular, intra-scale dependency within wavelet coefficients is modeled using a fuzzy feature. This model differentiates the important coefficients and the coefficients belong to image discontinuity and noisy coefficients. This fuzzy model is used to enhance the wavelet coefficients' information in the shrinkage step which uses the fuzzy membership function to shrink wavelet coefficients based on the fuzzy feature. The effectiveness of image denoising depends upon the estimation of noise variance of noisy image, the noise variance is estimated using smoothing spline Estimation. This study examine image denoising algorithm in the dual-tree discrete wavelet transform, which is the new shiftable and modified version of discrete wavelet transform. Simulation result shows our approach achieves a substantial improvement in both PSNR and Visual quality.


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