Journal of Computer Science

Dynamic Souple Wireless Grid Applications for Horde of Jobs by Sensible Centrality Scheduling with Redite

P. Vijaya Karthick and V. Vasudevan

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2013.660.670

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 9, Issue 5

Pages 660-670


The Grid Computing has emerged as a thorny platform to tackle numerous large-scale issues, particularly in science and engineering domains. One of the primary issues related to the economical and effective utilization of heterogeneous resources in a Grid scheduling. It is mainly due to the dynamic nature of grid. Grid scheduling could be subtle higher cognitive process that operates at totally different levels of grids. Grid Schedulers is employed to map user’s job to resources in keeping with their necessities. There are handful programming mechanism for grid environment the realistically wear down this dynamic nature in literature. In this study, Sensible Centrality Scheduling is used to deal with the programming computationally intensive Horde of Jobs (HOJ) applications. Their common and first aim is that they create planning choices while not totally correct performance prediction information. Another purpose to notice is that this Sensible algorithm adopts redite (needless replication) jobs. Our analysis study employs variety of experiments with numerous simulation settings. The results show the efficiency and aggressiveness of our algorithms in comparison to existing ways and we proved that is sensible centrality algorithm is the best algorithm.


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